EMRA Interview at ICSG 2016 – Turkey’s Smart Grid and Smart Meter Roadmap

The development and wider availability of ICT and the need to automate the energy sector, along with the growth of renewables, storage and electric vehicles are all contributing towards the Turkish Smart Grid reality. Smart Meters are an important but costly element in this roadmap and thus, careful thought needs to be given to their implementation. “In areas where there is a lot of theft they will provide large benefits. However, in areas where theft isn’t a problem, grid automation may be a higher priority and the smart meters can come later in the process. That’s why the priorities are important. “We are working with all sectors, software companies, consultants, DSOs, government bodies, etc. to define what technologies and functionalities a smart grid for Turkey should have. In the next stage there will be Gap and cost-benefit analyses between the technologies available and the current system and then we will define the timeline to implement these.” - Mehmet Ertürk, vice president of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA).


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