Electrical Vehicles – Grid Disaster or Opportunity?

With every major auto manufacturer including hyper-cars pursuing an EV strategy our panellists explored what this surge in energy demand could mean for the grid and how this now unstoppable trend plays nice with energy strategy planning.MODERATOR:Carol Stimmel, Consulting Analyst, Engerati/Founder and CEO of Manifest MindSPEAKERS:Claus Fest, Project Manager, RWEBen Tubben, Business Project Manager, AllianderMarten Van der Laan, Senior Business Consultant at ICT & EV lead USEF FoundationFor more analysis, insight and opinion on the latest trends impacting the global energy industry, visit http://www.engerati.com/Engerati Webinars: http://www.engerati.com/webinarsEngerati Articles: http://www.engerati.com/articlesEngerati Presentations: http://www.engerati.com/event-presentations


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