Dynamic Demand

Our final discussion looks into the future of demand response into the possibilities of grid scale dynamic demand.MODERATOR:Adam Malik, Content Director, EngeratiSPEAKERS:Frauke Thies, Executive Director, Smart Energy Demand CoalitionOssi Porri, Head of Demand Response, Helsingin EnergiaSandford Bessler, Key Researcher, Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation WienFrançois Borghèse, Prosumer Marketing Director, Schneider ElectricFor more analysis, insight and opinion on the latest trends impacting the global energy industry, visit http://www.engerati.com/Engerati Webinars: http://www.engerati.com/webinarsEngerati Articles: http://www.engerati.com/articlesEngerati Presentations: http://www.engerati.com/event-presentations


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