Distributed Energy Systems – Unpacking the Utility

If distributed energy is inevitable we will need to unpack the utility, and its functions, to give it relevance. In this session we discuss: - The DNA of the distribution network - rewarding the right outcomes - The effect of transactive energy - Connecting and managing nodes - ‘semiconductor-ing’ the network. MODERATOR: Carol Stimmel Consulting Analyst Engerati Raphael Schoentgen Research & Technology Director ENGIE Mark Livingstone Director Navigant Interested in distributed energy resources? Check out these Engerati insights; https://www.engerati.com/webinars/how-reap-utility-benefits-distributed-energy-through-microgrids-and-beyond https://www.engerati.com/webinars/unlocking-grid-edge-integrating-prosumers-ders-and-behind-meter-analytics https://www.engerati.com/blogs/supporting-rise-ders-africa https://www.engerati.com/article/arizona-public-service-captures-opportunities-distributed-resources-space


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