Disruptive Business Models – From Shifting Electrons to Energy Services

In this session our panellists assessed the need for the utilities sector to reinvent itself and pursue a service centric model. We drew on experiences from other sectors who have faced a similar transition and what lessons can be learnt exploring some of the disruptive business models launched around the globe.MODERATOR:Carol Stimmel, Consulting Analyst, Engerati /Founder and CEO Manifest MindSPEAKERS:Adrian Tuck, CEO, TendrilGitte Wad Thybo, Business Development Manager, EnergimidtHarald Överholm, Co-founder and Chairman, Eneo SolutionsMichael Körber, Managing Partner & Attorney, MPWFor more analysis, insight and opinion on the latest trends impacting the global energy industry, visit http://www.engerati.com/Engerati Webinars: http://www.engerati.com/webinarsEngerati Articles: http://www.engerati.com/articlesEngerati Presentations: http://www.engerati.com/event-presentations


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