4 DSM Strategies Your CCO Will Love

Expand demand side management (DSM) into a true customer engagement tool.
ebook / Magazine Wed 04 Jul 2018

The service-centric wave has been building over the last few years, and now the customer is the heart of the utility world—your world.

You understand this. You realize the customer is the nucleus of the next-gen utility business model. And you know you need to get your customer more emotionally involved—with energy use and with your
utility brand, too. But, let’s be honest, you’ve got questions—namely the big one: How?

Like most utilities, you’re in that transitional phase. You’ve definitely left the “ratepayer” phrase far behind, but getting to that true customer-driven, consumer-adaptable vision still seems an almost impossible leap across an almost infinite crevasse.

Industry analysis from E Source and Accenture suggests building on programs you have in place. Demand-side management programs are a logical starting point for becoming your customers’ trusted
energy advisor and moving beyond a transactional bill/pay relationship. You can, in fact, expand demandside management (DSM) into a true customer engagement tool.

While thinking about that expansion, we wanted to give you something more tangible, more practical. So, here are four solid strategies to get you moving past the pondering phase—across that crevasse and on to really reaching your bigger, broader, bolder customer goals.