AI&ML for the Smart Grid 2020

This inaugural AI&ML conference is designed to meet the specific information needs of smart grid data science professionals, who need to deep dive into the industry drivers, establish the business case, and implement a technical strategy that will enable them to rapidly scale-up their AI driven big data analytics programmes at a time of intensifying grid complexity.

AI&ML for the Smart Grid 2020

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Over 3 intensive conference days, you will hear practical case-studies from 15+ utility data science leaders, on their implementation of next generation AI&ML platforms and processes, the development of their data science team structures, and their application of AI&ML methodologies to a wide range of smart grid use-cases such as predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, forecasting, vegetation management, and fraud prevention, among others.

You will also get to grips with the implications of new technology trends in the areas of machine learning, deep learning, and machine vision, and the opportunities these present for the future of your analytics programmes.


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