100% Renewable!

Looking at recent announcements by island nations aiming for this goal and the recent peak in renewables output in Germany, this discussion explored the realities and how far the 100% Renewable goal can be pushed.MODERATOR:Carol Stimmel, Consulting Analyst, Engerati / Founder and CEO Manifest MindSPEAKERS:Rémy Garaude Verdier, Smart Grids Project Manager, Smart Grids Department, ERDFJulian Wayne, Energy Storage Networks Manager, RESMonne Depraetere , Lead Analyst, European Power, Bloomberg New Energy FinanceFor more analysis, insight and opinion on the latest trends impacting the global energy industry, visit http://www.engerati.com/Engerati Webinars: http://www.engerati.com/webinarsEngerati Articles: http://www.engerati.com/articlesEngerati Presentations: http://www.engerati.com/event-presentations


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