Dutch Fair Meter pilot: Key innovation in smart meter circularity

As part of the Fair Meter pilot, Landis+Gyr has designed a new meter for sustainable smart meter rollouts. Watch this webinar to find out how.

Recorded: 10 Apr 2018

Webinar Overview

The purpose of large-scale smart meter rollouts throughout Europe is to improve energy efficiency and sustainable development. It is therefore fitting to consider the social and ecological impact of the meter lifecycle - from the raw material extraction to its disposal.

Kickstarted by Dutch network operators Alliander and Stedin in 2015, the Fair Meter initiative “strives to implement transparency throughout our supply chains”, focusing on labour conditions, conflict minerals, scarcity and e-waste. 

Global energy management solutions provider Landis+Gyr has stepped up to the sustainability challenge with a meter redesign as part of the Fair Meter initiative. The concept of circularity was the focus of a pilot project that Landis+Gyr completed end of 2017.

In this webinar, you will discover how Landis+Gyr’s smart meter pilot takes meter circularity to the next level resulting in reduced material intensity as well as reduction of material variation and electronic component count. The result? A reduction in waste of hundreds of thousands of tons in the Dutch project alone.

Watch this webinar and you will learn:

  • Why energy companies should procure Fair Meters
  • How to apply the Fair Performance ladder during procurement
  • How E360 meter design improved circularity
  • Challenges and solutions of producing Fair Meters

To find out more about what Landis+Gyr achieved, take a look at How to improve the circularity of smart meters?, Joe Andrews' white paper on the project.