Selling solar services: How voltage regulation optimises rooftop investments

Edge Electrons presents how its voltage optimisation device gives residential customers the solar payback they expect.

Recorded: 26 Jul 2018

Webinar Overview

A residential customer looking to install rooftop photovoltaic will turn to a trusted partner - whether an energy retailer or energy services company.

However, solar installations may not achieve the customer’s objectives of lower energy bills and an excess of energy to sell back to the grid.

As the penetration and concentration of rooftop solar increases, so have network voltage levels, which is having a knock-on effect on panel and system performance.

An energy customer supplied with more than 250 volts will see their solar harvest reduced by 15% and solar inverters disconnecting.

High voltages also mean the customer’s appliances are forced to consume more electricity than they need. The result is high electricity bills and disillusioned customers.

Optimising residential voltage

Software and power electronics company Edge Electrons has created a device to combat the negative effects of high voltage on residential solar installations.

EdgeIQ is a voltage optimisation device that keeps the voltage running into a residential customer’s home at a steady 225 volts. 

The benefits to your customers of retrofitting a rooftop array with EdgeIQ or installing the device at the same time as the panels include increased solar harvest, lower electricity bills, real-time monitoring and appliance protection.

The device also provides a good business case for an energy customer who wants lower bills but doesn’t want to change energy consumption behaviour.  

Register for this webinar and you will learn:

  • How high voltage impacts solar panels
  • How the EdgeIQ device works
  • Business models for offering voltage optimisation
  • Residential customer case studies