Technology in the Energy Industry: Hype v. Reality

The impact of technology fatigue and the growing mis-trust in technology.

Recorded: 30 May 2019

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Webinar Overview

The pace at which technology is advancing is not slowing down. Technological innovation in the Digital world is hard to keep up with. AI, Web 3.0, Autonomous ‘everything’, Voice Assistants, Chat bots, 3D Model/Digital Twin of ‘everything’, Mixed Reality to name but a few. Yet technology is not limited to the Digital world. Every day there are new technologies related to materials, mechanical systems, chemistry, enabling the workforce etc.  With so many technologies to keep track of, it’s easy to see technology fatigue set in. Trying to figure out what is hype v reality, having too many things one could do, not having enough time, money or skills. It’s a challenge.

The only given is that the future is full of opportunities, so what can we expect in the next few years?

Key take aways:

Review of technology innovation outside the Digital world.

Review of technology innovation in materials, mechanical, chemistry, workforce.

Technology fatigue: hype v reality


Kevin O’Donovan is the founder of the boutique technology consultancy company, A Bit of This & That, focused on the intersection of the IT and Energy Industries, delivering innovative technology consultations, sales advisory, speaker & social media influencer services.