Connecting behind-the-meter assets: Enabling new energy services

By connecting the distributed energy resources of C&I customers, utilities create new energy services. This webinar looks at the use cases and the technology supporting them.

Recorded: 22 May 2018

Webinar Overview

Advances in communication technology and the cost-value ratio of hardware and deployment is raising the opportunity to deliver new services to large energy customers.

By reaching behind the meter, utilities and energy services companies can offer a way to connect any customer asset that stores, generates, consumes or measures power.

Think of a large manufacturer wanting to take part in a utility demand response scheme in exchange for a preferential tariff - an Energy Network of Things platform is the enabler to make this happen.

In another use case, a hospital or university campus are keen to create a microgrid to give them autonomy from the main grid in case of extreme weather or adverse events. Again, by using a single platform to connect distributed energy resources (DER), the utility is able to help the customer with microgrid monitoring and control.

This webinar will not only unpack the different use cases of connecting behind-the-meter assets, but also look at how these types of deployments are possible.
We are joined by two experienced companies in the field. Communication technology company MultiTech is an expert at delivering the right connectivity solutions to match the application and business case. 

MultiTech’s ecoystem partner US-based Blue Pillar will also present. Blue Pillar offers an Energy Network of Things platform for connecting DER, a solution developed from a background of supporting commercial and industrial users with back-up power technology. 

Register for this webinar and you will learn:

  • Use cases of a behind the meter platform, from demand response to microgrids 
  • How to connect your customers’ distributed energy resources
  • What types of devices can be connected
  • Details of a UK proof of concept


Carlos Nascimento's picture

If we want to be behind the meter, utilities and energy services companies must offer a way to connect any customer asset that stores, generates, consumes or measures power, but we will have to offer an very strong integrated (energy cables and broadband fibers optics) network. This is the concept of Sinergic Network that It has been development in Brazil since 2002. Now, We have two trial validations running on in Brazil. If we would like to be digital behind the meter we need an infrastruture like that.

Carlos Nascimento's picture

Hi Simon Kim, nice to meet you here. I have to say you YES! You are totaly correct. The trouble is ... I am not been hear nobody talk about it around the world. The people prefer to implement a lot software&complications in smartgrid wireless technolgy instead to think a new hardware of Distribuition Network very fast and very security against ciber attack based only in fiber optic technologies. This new topology we called Sinergic Network in Brazil. It is too much trivial for my mind of R&D people like me but it is not trivial for a lot of seller people that they would like to send us the bill for smartgrid OPEX in wireless technologies.