Mobile workforce management: Increasing productivity and managing cost

Using software to cut OPEX costs and boost field productivity has a clear business case for utilities. In this webinar, CGI explains how digitising mobile workforce processes saved a US utility $1m a year and improved operational performance by 20%. 

Recorded: 28 Mar 2018

Webinar Overview

As an energy company, you are under increased consumer pressure to streamline services.

Your customers have less time, more options, and high expectations of services which may not be met by outdated manual operations.

The inability to deliver efficient services can lead to continued customer dissatisfaction, ultimately driving a decline in loyalty and, as a result, lower revenue.

To keep pace with the demands of the modernising industry, utilities are finding that optimising assets and resources through digital management platforms can increase productivity and reduce operational expenditure.

Utility case study

EPB, one of America’s largest publicly owned electricity suppliers, knew that its legacy systems were leading to continued customer dissatisfaction and operational losses.

With its service being focussed on finding a quick-fix for any issues, the utility drafted a plan to implement an aggressive modernisation overhaul of the company in the aim of improving the customer service culture and efficiency.

In this webinar, IT and business service provider CGI will demonstrate how implementing the PragmaCAD enterprise workforce mobility solution at EPB improved customer service, visibility and responsiveness.

By automating customer service and fieldwork planning operations, utilities can complete work orders more efficiently and effectively, leveraging data at every stage.

In this webinar, we will discover the potential benefits and rewards of using mobile solutions to optimise utility processes.

Through our interactive presentation with Peter Barnes, Director of IP Governance, Bid & Contract Management, and Marketing & Communications for Pragma Business Solutions at CGI, you will learn:

  • How digitising and streamlining processes led to a 20% increase in productivity at EPB
  • How PragmaCAD is used by utilities with meter inventory between 68,000 to 6 million
  • How reducing overtime led to a decrease in operational expenditure to the tune of $1m
  • Where digital optimisation can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty