Energy efficiency: Where and how to execute optimisation strategies?

Join this webinar to gain practical tips on how commercial and industrial energy users can reach their energy optimisation goals.

Recorded: 17 Oct 2017

Webinar Overview

Although the energy sector is moving towards a prosumer model and has shown steady progress in improving energy efficiency, there are still a lot of savings to be made. This webinar aims to be the starting point for large-scale energy users to turn ambition into action focusing on where and how to start?

Built upon a use case of the planning optimisation of a steam boiler (which can be illustrative for other energy generating asset), the speakers will introduce energy optimisation strategies that are both ambitious and feasible to execute throughout all stages of a C&I company’s value chain, and do not require additional investments in energy related assets.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the data pre-conditions for locating optimisation potential - what data do you need to collect & organize?
  • Understand how to determine the location, size and availability of your optimisation (& flexibility) potential
  • Familiarise yourself with using pre-defined scenarios in which your energy optimisation gains are offset against their costs and/or your production targets
  • Learn how to enable your operational staff to act in line with your strategy
  • Understand how to continuously improve your production & (multi-utility) energy planning along the lines of your optimisation (& flexibility) ambitions