Selling energy efficiency: Value of insurance and investment to ESCOs

Find out how asset performance insurance and third party finance can speed up the ESCO sales cycle.

Recorded: 29 Mar 2018

Webinar Overview

While energy efficiency (EE) targets continue to be a key regulatory focus in Europe, energy service companies (ESCOs) still struggle to sell projects to end customers, and deal closure remains slow. The typical sales cycle remains at nine to 18 months per project.

ESCOs attribute this barrier to a lack of client interest and trust in energy efficiency, as well as a shortage of readily available finance. To improve their rate of successful deal closure, ESCOs should therefore look to fill these gaps.

In this context, ESCOs may capitalise on energy efficiency insurance, a relatively new innovation, which is opening doors for ESCOs, investors and clients alike.

Acting as intermediaries from the early stages of project development, asset performance insurance directives insure the shortfall by producing extensive risk analysis and probability reports and delivering them to potential investors.

Energy efficiency insurance therefore facilitates investor as well as client trust, enabling ESCOs to gain access to third party finance and strengthening their sales message to end clients.

4 key learnings from this webinar are:

  • Learn more about the options for small to medium enterprises and ESCOs to gain insurance.
  • Gain insight into the generation of asset performance valuations.
  • Understand the process of securing investments for projects
  • Learn how to leverage insurance and third party finance to build a stronger sales message and connection with clients