Energy efficiency investment funds: How ESCOs can tap into €ms

Featuring a panel of investors, Engerati explores how energy efficiency financing can empower ESCO energy efficiency projects.

Recorded: 04 Jul 2018

Webinar Overview

Financing for energy efficiency is crucial for the market’s development.

From state-funded schemes and EU funds to local investors, the energy efficiency finance market has grown exponentially in recent years.

A key blockage to continued growth, however, is understanding how energy service companies (ESCOs) can best access these funds, and how the process will pan out.

Additionally, the burgeoning market still has a lot to learn about how best to approach external funding and investment.

Featuring a panel of energy efficiency investors with a combined investment fund of €300m, this webinar will give insight into how to get access to, manage and utilise energy efficiency investment capital.

By exploring different projects that have used energy efficiency investment, we will explore how deals are structured and what the types of returns are.

This webinar will feature an extended Q&A session to enable ESCOs in the audience the opportunity to pose crucial questions about best practice and what to expect when engaging with investors.

Tune in to the webinar to learn about:

  • How energy efficiency investment funds choose which projects to collaborate with
  • What the types of returns are and how success is measured
  • The amount of investment capital currently available for ESCO energy efficiency projects
  • How investment deals are structured and come together