Download - Capitalising on Energy Efficiency

In this week's featured white paper, Joule Smart explains how the energy efficiency industry should, and can, get what it pays for.
Published: Tue 15 May 2018

While it is two to three times more cost-effective to save a kilowatt than generate one, energy efficiency (EE) has fallen short of its potential in contributing to a more modern and clean electricity system.

Whether the goal is upgrading energy infrastructure or reducing greenhouse gas emissions, EE remains the most cost-effective solution and should be a primary option for utilities, regulators, and investors. However, traditional procurement models have failed to monetize EE’s true value.

In this white paper, Joule Smart covers new developments in the energy efficiency market, including:

  • Smart energy efficiency - new technologies that cost-effectively control, measure, and verify energy reduction
  • Private capital investment - how pay for performance supports the standardization, streamlined processes, and the ability to understand and manage performance risk for EE projects.
  • New insurance policies - a cost-effective means of addressing the unique needs of this market

About Joule Smart

JouleSmart integrates technical, operational, and financial solutions to help small and mid-sized businesses access the benefits of smart building management.

The JouleSmart approach aims to provide immediate cost reduction as well as ongoing oversight and management— a combination that generates the energy performance upon which our financing model depends, and a greater degree of consumer control over facility operations. JouleSmart works with small and mid-sized building owners seeking to strengthen financial performance through increased productivity, increased asset value, a reduced carbon footprint, and reduced utility expenses, aiming to deliver to these businesses the benefits of active energy management that are traditionally reserved for only the largest, more advanced commercial buildings.

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