shine launches local energy community in Munich district

shine, a brand of GreenCom Networks, launches Brunnthal Energy Community as a showcase in Germany.
Published: Mon 07 Oct 2019

An energy community in Munich operated by shine, a brand of energy management company GreenCom Networks, will use a virtual power plant to share electricity with other households and be paid for helping to balance the ecosystem.

Residents of Brunnthal - a municipality 20km south-east of Munich city centre - will get a bonus of 1 eurocent/kWh on top of the feed-in tariff if they consume less than they produce, and a discount of 3 eurocents/kWh for what they consume during periods of oversupply.

The long-term aim of the Brunnthal Energy Community is for the municipality to become carbon-neutral, independent from outside energy and a model for other energy communities across Europe. GreenCom’s technology provides transparency for the operator and gives customers an easy way to participate. Customers will have a gateway and a smart meter installed so they can be connected to the energy IoT platform.

GreenCom Networks chief commercial officer Dr Felix Grolman said: “The Brunnthal Energy Community is a trail-blazing project, which utilises our latest technology, such as our virtual power plant, energy management, or energy tariff creation in a full package. Internationally, we are the first company to offer clients an energy community as a service. Here, we’re building a showcase for our international clients, which we can assist them to deliver effortlessly in their home market.”

Any residual electricity imported from outside the community will be 100% from renewable sources.

Using its Energy Information Brokerage Platform (eibp), GreenCom integrates distributed assets like solar PV, battery storage, electric vehicles and heat pumps. Based on its eibp, GreenCom enables white-label end customers services like energy communities and energy flat rates.

Local energy marketplaces present an opportunity to coordinate distributed energy resources in the most economically efficient manner. LO3 Energy’s Scott Kessler will give an overview of communities emerging around the world and what new technologies are being deployed to enable new business models in an Engerati webinar on 17th October. To register click here: 

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