Engerati Editorial: Utilities start thinking out of the sandbox

The digital revolution is a wave that can propel utilities into a future, more efficient and connected world, but it risks drowning those who fail to stay on top of the latest developments.
Published: Wed 15 May 2019

Engerati shares insights from speakers at two events in the past week, one the ENTSO-E and E.DSO Innogrid2020+ summit in Brussels and ACI’s Digital Utilities Europe event in London.

Consumers are becoming more engaged, but they may be lured away from traditional suppliers to more nimble and customer-focused industries. Utilities need to re-invent themselves and seize opportunities, speakers said in London.

System operators will only overcome challenges if they cooperate and share information on issues such as demand-side management, cybersecurity and network codes. A myriad of innovation projects on display at Innogrid are on the brink of commercialisation, but once the technical viability has been proven they need to establish their financial value to graduate from the sandbox stage.

Some utilities are already taking advantage of the platform services on offer, such as Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks which last month signed up to the Piclo Flex service, which will announce another commercial agreement in the coming weeks.

For those wanting to explore the capability of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Engerati has teamed up with ZE PowerGroup to bring you a webinar this Friday on the applications of various forms of advanced and predictive analytics across industrial spaces with significant potential for energy in areas such as E&P, supply and demand management, consumption management, infrastructure management and trade and risk management.

Energy market stakeholders who want to get a broader understanding of the policy implications of the new digital era can listen in to an online training course from the Florence School of Business starting this Friday based on a book The European Energy Transition: Actors, Factors, Sectors edited by ENTSO-E.

Look out for more coverage later this week from Innogrid, a Q&A with IBM’s National Grid client director Jon Edmonds, and the return of the Engerati broadcast network at Utility Week Live in Birmingham on 21st May.