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This week’s featured case study comes from CGI, and looks at how its partnership with Orlando Utilities Commission helped to support transformation?
Published: Tue 13 Mar 2018

The second largest municipal utility in Florida, Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) provides electric and water services to more than 251,000 customers.

With the field service technicians working at capacity, OUC tended to dread the storm season because of the increased strain placed on the crews. As OUC began to examine its field service operations, the Commission determined the manual, paper-intensive process was limiting productivity and process improvement was required.

Communications to and from the field were limited; information was often delayed, inaccurate or worse, unavailable. Without sacrificing service quality, safety or reliability, OUC needed to improve the state of its field operations and maximise productivity and efficiency gains to reinforce other areas of the business.

OUC partnered with CGI to conduct technical due diligence and chart a mobile roadmap to support the transformation. Together, the two companies implemented a Mobile Workforce Management solution for service operations, contributing to increased productivity, reduced costs, and meeting OUC’s reliability goals.

Denis Gelineault, Director of Consulting at CGI, explains that “what PragmaCAD brings is the ability for each field user to select and use data to standardise business processes so that later on you’re able to implement KPIs on what failed, what was the root cause, what asset was affected. It removes the guesswork from the entire business process of restoration, construction and installation.”

“Reams of paper are saved daily, overtime has nearly been eliminated, and approximately 70% of the 16,000 work orders a month are closed instantly in the field, after the technician enters information. Technicians no longer have to drive back and forth to the office in the middle of the day. Mileage is reduced, productivity is increased and the safety of technicians is improved because their locations are readily available.” says Nora Gonzalez, Revenue Protection Manager at Orlando Utilities Commission.

The integration to OUC’s enterprise systems leveraged these existing major business investments, and ultimately extended decision-support and business-process management capabilities to the field. With a real-time connection, PragmaCAD’s automated data capture capabilities helped eliminate the mountain of paperwork. OUC’s technicians could now fully leverage data while at a customer site.

To learn more about the potential benefits of mobile workforce management for field services, download CGI's case study

    Key takeaways

    • Significantly improved customer service levels
    • Provision for real-time updates to customer accounts
    • Improved visibility and responsiveness of workload and field resources throughout the company
    • Faster closure of work orders
    • Higher standards of data accuracy and protection
    • Greater productivity and overall operations efficiency

    Orlando Utilities Commission

    With the field service technicians working at capacity, OUC tended to dread the storm season because of the increased strain placed on the crews.
    Case Study Published: Wed 07 Mar 2018