Download - Benefits of virtual reality and gamification for power facilities

This week, we feature a case study from Indra, showcasing how virtual reality is changing the way companies keep their workforce trained
Published: Tue 19 Jun 2018

Virtual reality is changing the way companies keep their workforce trained, regardless of their experience in the job.

By utilising virtual reality, junior staff can be thoroughly trained faster and the experience of senior professionals is refreshed and enhanced more easily. Indra's digital training solutions realistically reproduce the operating environment of energy facilities and the corresponding operational procedures.

Training can then be carried out for standard or exceptional situations, always with the highest possible HS&E conditions. Training also takes significantly less time than conventional methods, as physical transfer to training sites is not required. In addition, staff can be trained simultaneously, and training can be repeated by just rerunning the simulation. Programmes can be easily readapted by reusing parts of existing programs such as graphical objects, procedures, sequences of test cases, etc.

The portfolio of Digital Training includes the use of new immersive technologies (training simulators, Serious Games and gamification) and other digital platforms (virtual and augmented reality).

Through simulators the trainee can learn and practice complex tasks that would otherwise require the presence of one or more very experienced trainers, the physical presence in the facility where that training needs to be carried out (generally the power plant or electrical installation) and a much more consistent number of hours, if it were to be done through conventional training. Time to train can be reduced almost five times.


About Indra

Indra is a top consulting and technology companies and a technology partner for the key operations of its customers' businesses worldwide. It is a leading worldwide provider of proprietary solutions in niche areas in Transport and Defense Markets and the absolute leader in IT in Spain and Latin America. It offers a comprehensive range of proprietary solutions and cutting-edge services with a high added value in technology based on a unique culture of reliability, flexibility and adaptability to the needs of its customers. 

Indra's energy and utility solutions have been implemented at more than 140 electricity, water, oil and gas companies in more than 45 countries. In excess of 100 million customers across the world are currently managed using systems developed by the multinational consulting and technology firm that also makes important investments in our roadmap products.

Indra offers proprietary solutions and high value-added services for electricity generation and to support the distribution and sales activities of utilities companies. Our offering covers the entire value chain of Utility companies highlighting our InCMS, InGRID, InGEN and InDROP products and Smart Home and Energy Efficiency Solutions.

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