Blockchain in the energy sector: Why, how, and what progress to date?

The transformation of the energy sector to be 100% renewable and decentralised requires a new digital infrastructure.

Recorded: 22 Feb 2019

Webinar Overview

Blockchain technology is that new infrastructure and has begun to mature from early promise, characterized by outsized expectations and overheated new markets, to a healthy focus on applications that unlock real value. The energy sector is among the most active in this area: firms ranging from the largest multinationals to software startups are actively developing solutions to prove not only the use case but also the business case. In this webinar we will explore the following topics: 

  • Why is blockchain technology valuable in the energy sector?
  • How is the technology developing?
  • What types of application are possible?
  • What types of applications have been implemented?

Our exploration will leverage the experience of the Energy Web Foundation, which is an entrepreneurial nonprofit foundation developing blockchain technology and affiliated with more than 100 firms in the energy and blockchain space. 


Good info...will downloadable content and transcript be made available?