How can algorithms help you make the best use of your energy assets?

Brought to you by Entras in association with InnoEnergy 


Thu 07 Nov 2019
14:00 London •15:00 Paris • 22:00 Singapore • 09:00 New York

Webinar Overview

This webinar will give an overview of how algorithms and forecasting can be used to optimize energy assets, particularly battery storage.


1. Introduction: energy transition: flexibility & price volatility

2. What defines the “value” of a battery: the cash flows it can generate in the market (also other sources of value, e.g. reduced risk of blackout etc. note: other energy assets can do the same, e.g. Power-to-X)

3. How can batteries generate cash flow?: Arbitrage

4. Battery Use Cases: see Lazard storage example

5. Algorithms to optimize use case: example with Entras dispatching tool

6. Technical constraints

7. Market access