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Updated: Mon 26 Mar 2018

Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC is an independent, industrial group with a workforce of 3000 people spread over 21 subsidiaries in the world. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on our customers’ power performance.
The independence of the Socomec Group guarantees the control of its strategic and operational decisions, and is fully in keeping with the values forged by its family shareholding and shared by all members of staff. The company therefore has chosen to clarify the question of its responsibility with regard to its shareholders, employees, customers and partners, as well as its relation to civil society at large and its environment. The Socomec Group fully assumes this responsibility through its commitments, thereby fostering the conditions for a lasting and coherent development.

Nadège Clerc

Infrastructure Marketing Manager

Giovanny Diquerreau

Energy Storage Solutions Director

Elodie Hestin

Product Line Marketing Manager

Cyril Carpentier

Photovoltaic & Energy Storage Application Engineer

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