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The SEDC is the European industry association dedicated to making the demand side a smart and interactive part of the energy value chain.

The challenges that European power systems are facing today following the energy transition can be surmounted only through the intelligent cooperation between consumption, distribution, transmission and generation, acting as equal partners in a holistic energy system; in other words, with the Smart Grid.

Our focus is to promote demand-centred programs within the areas of Demand Response, energy usage feedback and information, smart home, in-home and in-building automation that form the heart of the Smart Grid.

Our vision is a strong participation of the demand side in the European electricity markets, which will lead to the long-term goals of the Smart Grid: affordability, security of supply and reduced carbon emissions.

The purpose of the Coalition, a not-for-profit organisation, is as follows:

“Create a community of expertise on demand side programs and their role in creating efficient electricity markets. Through this community, the Coalition will bring forward useful information on price responsive loads, program and technology experience, market structures, and market rules. This will include information on market participants’ roles, consumer needs and actions, enabling technologies, and specific programmes as appropriate”.

We focus our efforts in five areas:

Interact with policymakers on behalf of the Demand Side Program industry

  • Intelligence and information gathering for SEDC Members
  • Giving members of the SEDC greater visibility
  • Working with trade, financial and general media to raise awareness of Demand Response, feedback, smart home, etc.
  • Providing opportunities for networking and partnering among demand side programme and smart grid companies
Wed 12 Oct 2016

There have been numerous efforts to advance demand response in the EU and USA but can these regions learn from each other? What are the main differences?

Tue 06 Sep 2016

Industrial and Commercial consumers have been touted as set to play an essential role in Demand Response adoption in Europe.

Thu 01 Sep 2016

The smart energy landscape is set to afford residential consumer and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to take control of their energy destiny.

Wed 24 Aug 2016

Demand response presents an opportunity to take energy management to the next level.

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