Thu 19 Oct 2017

Successfully managing the operational and business challenges presented by increasing amounts of distributed energy resources requires more rapid analysis, decision making and action at the

Thu 06 Apr 2017

As the grid edge becomes more dynamic with on-premises energy storage and generation, we need to move towards a grid platform that delivers new capabilities and value.

Wed 29 Mar 2017

Cloud computing and its advantages are becoming more prevalent across the energy industry.

Tue 20 Sep 2016

Beyond policy drivers for smart metering, utilities now see many opportunities both on the customer side and in what is happening on the distribution grid.

Wed 14 Oct 2015

Network architecture and communications have advanced quickly over the past 3-5 years, creating new opportunities and considerations for smart metering strategy and technology choice.

Wed 02 Oct 2013

An Itron webinar, in association with Engerati and European Utility Week 2013