Itron’s buyout of Comverge could bring a new level of utility demand response to the grid.
Behind the meter generation and storage can support dynamic grid optimisation and balancing, finds Engerati.
US utility Pepco’s electric vehicle charging pilot shows how demand response events can influence customer behaviour.
Itron acts as disruptor to bring an app store for behind the meter applications.
Technology choices can't be made in a vacuum if opportunities are to be fully harnessed, says Tim Wolf, Itron.
Roberto Aiello, Itron discusses how utilities can capitalise on the potential of connected devices.
New technologies are facilitating Internet of Things based smart cities across the world.
Renewables and smart technologies offer a cost effective approach to remote electrification.
Itron’s new Idea Labs will accelerate the development of new Internet of Things applications.
A convergence of technologies will see greater focus on the energy-water nexus.

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