ScottishPower Renewables has awarded ABB a $30m order for two SVC Light® Static Compensators that will smooth out voltage fluctuations.
The new microgrid at the UK's University of Chester will provide a platform for learning.
The GE-Exelon software deal highlights the potential for a broader shift in the sector.
Distribution automation systems offer a cost effective approach to integrating decentralized intermittent renewables.
The microgrid is being viewed as the enabler of quicker access to reliable electricity in Africa
The importance of battery energy storage systems is increasing as power systems evolve, writes Pat Hayes and Janissa Arevalo from ABB.
The ‘potential improvement’ that FACTS and HVDC technologies are bringing to the grid are reviewed by ABB.
A central control and optimization system enables cost-effective VPPlant operation, writes Sleman Saliba, ABB Power Systems, Power Generation.
Panasonic has its sights on yet another smart city development in Japan.
The home battery storage market is still very much in its infancy but the opportunities are large and competition is growing.

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