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Updated: Wed 04 Jul 2018

OSIsoft delivers the PI System, the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure, for management of real-time data and events.

The PI System captures and organizes the massive amounts of data from equipment—sensors, power supplies, turbines, and serves it up in a coherent way so people can boost production, save money, improve safety or conduct analytics. With PI System, operational data becomes accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone in the business. The ultimate goal is - Operational Intelligence - to give people insight into an incredibly important resource — their operational data. With installations spanning 107 countries, this global installed base relies upon the OSIsoft to safeguard data and deliver enterprise-wide visibility into operational and business data.

Petr Nidoba

Leader of the Connected Services business

Miguel Chavero

Power and Utilities Industry Principal for EMEA

Kleanthis Mazarakis

Senior Field Service Engineer

Kevin Walsh

Global Industry Principal - Transmission, Distribution and Smart Grid

Gary Wong

Industry Principal, Global Water Industry

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