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Updated: Wed 04 Jul 2018

Oracle Utilities delivers proven applications – on premises or in the cloud – that deliver greater value faster, so that electric, gas and water utilities worldwide can enhance customer experience, increase operational efficiency and achieve performance excellence.

Our customer care and billing, network management, work and asset, mobile workforce, meter data management and analytics solutions integrate with Oracle's leading enterprise applications, BI tools, middleware, database technologies, servers and storage.

We are the largest provider of mission-critical cloud services in the industry today, serving the entire utility value chain from the grid to the meter to end customers.  Our software enables utilities to adapt more nimbly to market deregulation, meet ever-evolving customer demands, and help consumers manage energy efficiency. 

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Rick Brakken

VP of Utility Analytics

Neel Gulhar

Senior Director of Product Marketing and Strategy

Mike Ballard

Senior Director Utilities Strategy (EMEA)

Martin Dunlea

Senior Director Utilities Industry Strategy, Utilities Global Business Unit

David Fernandez

Advanced Utilities Analytics Europe

Utility Innovation Blueprint

Thu 25 Jan 2018
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