No matter what your pilot project or mass roll out looks like, we offer a head end that matches all. Now or in the future. With Netinium you can create a single network infrastructure of interoperable smart devices regardless of your choice of hardware or IT infrastructure.


One single head end, endless device flexibility

While technical innovation should make the difference, most utilities end up buying meters of the same brand. Their decision is influenced by the extra operational costs of vertically integrating new proprietary head end software.

With our horizontally orientated, multi-vendor head end platform you own the future flexibility of combining any smart device regardless of your software history. You will always be able to choose cutting edge hardware technology.

Plus, you will no longer be spending time and money rearranging your IT infrastructure or changing your management processes with every further step of your roll out.


Multi-flexibility generates system efficiency

With Netinium you will need only one interface with your IT infrastructure, one operational team to train and one server- and database infrastructure to manage. When it comes to device management and data collection, we offer a single head end to deploy and maintain your entire smart meter infrastructure.

The Netinium platform combines all your devices into a hybrid network infrastructure enabling uniform processes across devices from all major brands. No matter how many different types of devices you wish to combine.

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15 Nov 2016 to 17 Nov 2016
Thu 13 Oct 2016

A Dutch reference case explaining the utility’s IT infrastructure of the future.

Smart metering technology company Netinium reflects on 20 years of intelligent metering in the Netherlands, supporting Dutch utility Alliander.
Managing advanced metering infrastructure operations is key for the business case.

When combining different meters in your network architecture, each group of devices needs its own management procedure.

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Digital Publication / Magazine

Meter roll outs are hardly ever executed using one single meter type.

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Digital Publication / Magazine

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