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Thu 23 Feb 2017

Blockchain technology has created a buzz in the energy sector. This webinar focuses on the impact of this technology for utilities and aims to unpick the myths from the reality.

Fri 04 Nov 2016

As urbanisation is only set to rise, it fairly easy to assume that the role of energy in the smart and sustainable city equation will also continue to be critical.

Fri 07 Oct 2016

To get the most out of renewables all indications point to a need for additional automation and voltage regulations at the distribution and consumption levels.

Spain’s first hybrid wind power battery storage plant will support the integration of renewables and enhance the management of power.
Blockchain is finding application in transactive energy and other energy sector use cases.
Energy suppliers are keen to enter the aggregation market as part of demand response programmes.
Lauren Callaway, research analyst at Navigant Research, explores how utilities can support city energy strategies.
A 5MW virtual power plant, Australia’s largest demonstration to date, could solve the country’s grid woes.
Utilities must ensure interoperability with multiple thermostat brands and learn to work with vendors more as partners than contractors.
A Navigant survey shows that utility executives are still not confident in their utility’s abilities to cater for their customers’ complex demands.
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