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Mercatus is the pioneer of the category- defining Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM) software that enables energy producers to fully digitize their asset investment and management process - from the origination of an asset through the end of its lifecycle.  Built specifically for global energy producers, ILM is a single solution that increases cross-functional team productivity, expedites the origination- to-operation process and gives management real-time access to portfolio performance and risk metrics across the lifecycle. Market leaders are using Mercatus to achieve step-change improvements in investment compliance and risk management, as well as in speed and quality of decision-making. Since inception, Mercatus ILM has hosted over 110 GW of energy projects, across 75 countries and 8 different technologies.

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Thu 20 Oct 2016

In this session our experts will give you a sense of how they are transforming their operations and asset management through digitisation and how the sector as a whole is embracing change.

Thu 29 Sep 2016

Digital transformation is an inevitability for business in 21st Century and the Energy Sector is currently going through the motions.

Mon 12 Sep 2016

In today’s reality of distributed generation, finance teams have to manage an increasing number of complex financial models.

Fri 13 May 2016

Today, the business infrastructure of energy companies is extremely fragmented.

New white paper highlights how energy companies can streamline grid assets investment.
Despite growth and increased competition, solar capex and O&M costs remain highly variable in the US.
An independent United Kingdom may affect the European Union’s chances of meeting reduced carbon goals but which way will the UK itself go?
The demand to fund renewable energy developments in Africa is bubbling over, reports Mercatus.
Renewables projects in emerging markets are now yielding the highest returns, reports Mercatus.
There is a need for quality data transparency in light of the solar market meltdown, writes Haresh Patel, CEO of Mercatus.
Mercatus has secured US$11.7 million in funding to enhance its energy investment management platform.
The move to a low carbon economy is forcing utilities to migrate to a business model which involves digital transformation on all levels.

2015 was a record year for solar installations in the United States, bringing the total installed PV capacity to 28 GW.

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Acquiring low-cost capital is essential in the renewable energy world, whose industry is defined by large investment costs.

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White Paper

While the growing pains of a rapidly transforming industry are becoming more prominent, the trend towards growth in advanced energy is becoming increasingly clear.

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A rapid spike in investment opportunities until the anticipated step down of the ITC, followed by an abrupt project development decline, emphasizes the need for solar investors to, first, gain mar

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White Paper

New power generation technologies present fundamentally transformative market forces that threaten the legacy business of power producers.

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White Paper

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Tim Buchner, COO, Mercatus - EUW 2016

Haresh Patel, CEO speaks to Engerati at European Utility Week 2015

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