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Updated: Wed 11 Sep 2019

InnoEnergy is the European company dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the sustainable energy field by bringing together academics, business and research institutes. InnoEnergy’s goal is to make a positive impact on sustainable energy in Europe, by creating future game changers with a different mind-set, and bringing innovative products, services and successful companies to life.

With its headquarters in the Netherlands, InnoEnergy develops its activities across a network of offices located in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Sweden. More than 150 partners contribute to InnoEnergy’s activities, forming a first class and dynamic network that is always open to new entrants. The company’s 27 shareholders are committed to a 7 year industrial plan in which they pledge to mobilise €700 million of resources during the period 2011-2015 alone.

InnoEnergy is financially supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and, while a profit-oriented company, has a “not for dividend” financial strategy, reinvesting all its profits back into the organisation’s activities.


Call for Innovation Projects

A sustainable energy sector needs new products, new solutions and new services. But transforming the spark of an idea into a successful and marketable product can be a long and complex journey. Technical expertise, commercial awareness and access to a variety of skills and resources are critical.

Through its Investment Round, InnoEnergy looks for businesses with the next big innovation in sustainable energy.

If your business has a proven concept that you think can help change the future of the energy industry, then they can help address the challenges and shorten the journey from lab to launch.

InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for Europe’s energy industry. They invest in businesses and help develop innovative products, services, and solutions that have high commercial potential. They provide access to a deep pool of complementary skills and resources, and connect them to markets and commercial opportunities across Europe.

Through their European network of industry experts, businesses and researchers they are able to:

  • Give access to over 160 European project partners to support the development of new products
  • Provide investment funding to help make your project a reality·        
  • Identify market needs and potential customers
  • Shorten the time to market for innovative ideas
  • Turn prototypes into commercial products within five years

For more information, visit:

Marcin Lewenstein

Clean Coal and Clean Gas Technologies Thematic Field Leader

Lucienne Krosse

Smart and Efficient Buildings and Cities and Energy Efficiency

Laurent Thibaudeau

Sustainable Nuclear and Renewable Convergence, Innovation Director

Jakub Miler

CEO, Poland Plus

Elena Bou

Innovation Director

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