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Ferranti is an international Belgian headquartered company focusing during 37 years on developing, selling and implementing the MECOMS™ software solution for Electricity-, Gas-, Water- and Thermal companies. View: www.ferranti.be

Our Solution

MECOMS™ is a Meter Data Management (MDM) and a Customer Information System (CIS) that enables energy- and utility providers to improve and automate their business processes, both in regulated and deregulated markets.

Our Value proposition

With MECOMS™, Electricity-, Gas-, Water- and Thermal companies maximize efficiency and standardization when implementing their business processes.

This is enabled through guided configurations, best-practice organization structures and process driven documentation.

Our Proofs

There are 58 MECOMS™ implementations operating in 14 countries throughout the world.

At www.mecoms.com/customers, you can read the experiences from a selection of our customers on how they value the benefits of working with MECOMS™.

Opinion of the Industry Analysts

MECOMS™ is recognized by Industry Analysts Gartner, Ovum, Five Point and IDC as a leader in the Customer Care and Billing and in the Meter Data Management marketscape.


MECOMS™ is certified on the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

Ferranti is officially Microsoft’s priority global alliance partner in the utilities industry.

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Tue 21 Nov 2017

The emergence of distributed ledgers has caused excitement in the utility sector as energy suppliers consider how to best utilise this transactive solution.

Wed 27 Sep 2017

Are you ready for how disruptive technologies will dramatically shift the way utility consumers buy, sell and interact with you? 

Thu 28 Jul 2016

Customer self service portals, present a great opportunity of cost savings for the utilities because of their lower transaction rates.

Mon 22 Feb 2016

The concept of 'understanding the consumer' is still, for many utilities and energy providers a struggle.

Wed 21 Oct 2015

The increased liberalisation of UK energy offers opportunities for many more specialist energy retailers to enter the market.

How effective is artificial intelligence in engaging consumers with energy suppliers and energy services? Engerati investigates.
Ferranti's MECOMS™ Implementation Workbench helps utilities to implement and execute processes cost effectively and with a customer-oriented manner.
A flexible discount function, in conjunction with personalisation and relevancy, will take the utility-customer relationship to the next level.
The new MECOMS R4 aims to better customer engagement by providing a 360-degree view of customers.
The personalization and relevance of customer engagements could make or break the future utility’s business model.
New UK energy provider launches Ferranti’s MECOMS as a Service for billing and customer care.

Dorad Energy is only the second private company to enter Israel’s energy market since the recent deregulation allowed private companies to get licensed for electricity production.

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Case Study

MECOMS™ and the European gas roundabout.

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Case Study

GEN-I wanted to conduct a complete overhaul of all IT solutions that were in use to provide support to Energy Sales to all customers in all segments and markets where GEN-I operates.

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Case Study

Qatar Cool chose MECOMS™ in order to guarantee a swift and efficient customer service.
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Case Study

Värmevärden is an energy company that supplies district heating to homes, factories and offices. The company serves 11 municipalities in central Sweden and employs 90 staff members.
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Case Study

MECOMS™ is a business support system for energy and utility companies that combines flexibility, efficiency and smart insights to drastically cut cost-to-serve.

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White Paper

This magazine contains a selection of MECOMS™ implementations. Contact us or visit our website to find out even more about our solution.

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Leslie De Cuyper & Johan Vandekerckhove, Ferranti Computer Systems

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