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ENEDIS manages 95% of the electricity distribution network in continental France. This network belongs to local authorities (French municipalities or groups of municipalities), who subcontract to ENEDIS as an operator through a public service delegation. ENEDIS thus has 2 major public service duties.
  • Service continuity and quality: managing nearly 1.3 million km of electric lines, ENEDIS is responsible for continuous public electricity service. To fulfil this role, the company operates, maintains and develops the network. ENEDIS also invests in modernising and securing the network, particularly against extreme weather conditions.
  • Non-discriminatory access to the distribution network: in compliance with regulations, ENEDIS ensures that users have transparent, objective and non-discriminatory access to the network. The company also guarantees the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information handled, having developed a code of conduct for this specific purpose. Adherence to this code is examined in an annual report submitted to the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie, France’s regulatory authority on energy.
Mon 19 Sep 2016

Enedis (ex-ERDF) have successfully tested an innovative solar transformer to manage voltage levels on the low voltage distribution grid in Carros, South of France.

Fri 16 Sep 2016

The Nice Grid project is one of six smart grid demonstrations within the large-scale Grid4EU project, which aims to test advanced smart grid solutions with wide replicability and scalability potent

Wed 07 Sep 2016

Nice Grid is a smart solar district pilot project conducted in the southern French town of Carros, in which up to several residential and business customers will participate.

Wed 31 Aug 2016

Launched in 2011, NICE GRID’s objective was to test the operation of a “smart” solar district in the city of Carros, in south eastern France.

InterFlex will take findings from Nice Grid to move smart grid technologies from 'demonstration to industrialisation'.
The digital programme of Enedis is described by Christian Buchel, deputy-CEO, chief digital and international officer (CDIO).
ERDF's Christian Buchel, deputy CEO and Olivier Chatillon, a director of European Affairs talk about the Flexiciency project.
Shared learnings, adaptation and government support in the form of mandates can boost smart grid development in Europe.

NICE GRID demonstrator experiments in Carros an alternative to the historical power system management, which is to match consumption and the local photovoltaic generation.

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White Paper

Presentation by Thomas Drizard, Project Engineer on Nice Grid project at DistribuTECH 2016.
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Case Study

Islanding is the most innovative use case of the NICE GRID project led by ERDF.

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White Paper

Presentation by Thomas Drizard, project engineer on Nice Grid project at European Utility Week 2015, Vienna.
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Case Study

Presentation by Thomas Drizard, discussing the installation and operation of lithium-ion battery storeage on the distribution grid in reference to the Nice Grid project.
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Case Study

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