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Mon 21 Nov 2016

Price remains the primary driver for the majority of customer segment movements.

Mon 24 Oct 2016
Mon 17 Oct 2016

New technology-enabled services have already penetrated the smart energy system with PV being the most obvious.

Tue 27 Sep 2016

So the Energy Revolution is here to stay but what does it mean in real terms? What will be the role of Utilities in this fast evolving space?

Energy suppliers are keen to enter the aggregation market as part of demand response programmes.
Technology is only half of the smart home story. The lead actor is still the customer, says Baringa Partners
Smart meters in the domestic market are changing the supplier-customer relationship and utilities should snap up the opportunities these offer.
To harness the real value of the smart grid, innovation, skill, and investment should be considered by the energy sector.

Our final wrap up of European Utility Week 2016 focusing on our key learnings from the conference.


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A round-up of Day 3 at European Utility Week 2016.

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A round-up of Day 2 at European Utilty Week 2016.

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A round-up up of day one at European Utility Week 2016.

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The roll-out of over 53 million smart meters over the next seven years is a huge and complex challenge. But smart is about so much more than just rolling out meters.
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Ever since the early days of electric power, which was characterised by small local networks, the trend has been towards greater integration, resulting in the large, centrally-managed transmissio
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