How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Fits into the Future of Energy

Understand machine potentiality and prepare your organization for adoption of advanced analytical practices in energy.

Recorded: 17 May 2019

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Webinar Overview

This webinar take a practical approach to introducing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Energy sector. Computer / machine facilitated analysis has been a staple of human endeavors since before man landed on the moon. Today with the advantage of big data and cloud computing, the machine’s capability is far expanded, but still very much requires human guidance and inquisitiveness.

We are seeing applications of various forms of advanced and predictive analytics across industrial spaces with significant potential for energy in areas such as E&P, supply and demand management, consumption management, infrastructure management and trade and risk management.

  • Key take aways on how AI impacts:

    •     Energy supply
    •     Energy demand
    •     Energy infrastructure
    •     Renewables

Aiman El-Ramly is the Chief Strategy Officer at ZE PowerGroup and ZE Power Engineering. He has 30 years of progressive experience in the energy, commodities and technology spaces. 


Keen to know use of AI (other than simply putting logical condition, trend, behavioural aspects in distribution, transmission, generation, controlling, metering)

I am intersted in the AI impact and possible applications of AI in the Energy Field.

Should power utilities be focussing on developing in house skills to harness AI to yield organisational value?