What is the potential value creation of Demand Response for the electrical system?

  • Demand Response value creation at the transport level has been proven and is currently being deployed by Energy Pool in Europe.
  • Can similar localized schemes have the same positive effect on the “local” network balance ?
  • What relationships and interaction need to be built between agregators and network operators to create beneficial balancing mechanisms in the electrical system? 

From Smart Distribution Boxes to Virtual Power Plants

  • Innovative way of addressing a customer demand response and demand increase to recover from over-loading and over-generation issues
  • Preserving the customer privacy while extending over every customer appliance, and maximizing the added value to a customer
  • Virtual Power Plant integration and optimization concept based on Smart Distribution Box roll-out

Quantification of the direct costs and benefits of smart grids

  • Presentation of a comprehensive model to quantify the effects of e.g. demand response on required network investments and electricity generation capacity
  • Results of three scenarios show a robust positive NPV for the implementation of a smart grid
  • Why is this asserted result hard to accomplish?