The Energy Web Foundation has gained support for the development of an open source blockchain platform for the energy sector.

The deployment of innovative energy storage systems is fast becoming a global phenomenon and is showing no signs of slowing down.

A trio of companies is trialling blockchain solutions to support the integration of renewable energies in Germany and the Netherlands.
South Africa's the Sun Exchange has launched a blockchain crowdfunding platform to cut electricity prices for commercial and industrial customers.

‘The heart of the fourth industrial revolution’, ‘as potentially impactful as the creation of the internet’ are superlatives often attributed to blockchai

IT and digitalisation will underpin the future TSO business, says new ENTSO-E Secretary General Laurent Schmitt in an interview with Engerati.
Startup Oxygen Initiative is introducing the Share&Charge EV charging payment platform developed in Germany into the US.
US-Austrian initiative Energy Web Foundation aims to accelerate blockchain technology development in the energy sector.
Blockchain is finding application in transactive energy and other energy sector use cases.


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