Transmission and distribution is undergoing great chance as we move towards the decentralised energy paradigm. Articles, white papers, conference presentations and more cover new control technology and data analytics which will drive the smart transmission system of the future.

Energy Talks: ENTSO-E 2017

Tue 09 Jan 2018
Interviewees include: Ulla Sandborgh (Svenska Kraftnät), Peter Vermaat (Enexis), Olivier Grabette (RTE) and Ben Voorhorst (TenneT) on change management, cyber-security and the evolving TSO-DSO relationship.
Clean Energy Package

Demystifying the cloud: bolstering confidence & realising value

Recorded: 29 Mar 2017
Cloud computing and its advantages are becoming more prevalent across the energy industry. Join this session to view on the benefits of utilising cloud-based managed services, the process of migrating to the cloud, and how it can help utilities realise valuable outcomes.
Broadcast in 16 days
Broadcast in 8 days

Mitigate Grid Uncertainty

Published: Mon 20 Nov 2017
Smart Wires de-risks network investments with modular, flexible, and easily redeployable solutions