NES Prepayment

A myriad of difficulties have traditionally confronted—and often effectively deterred—utilities interested in deploying 'pre-paid' services
White Paper Published: Tue 25 Apr 2017

Asian utility focus: How is Malaysia’s TNB thriving in a digitised world?

Recorded: 04 May 2017
Chief Strategy Officer at Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s shares his experiences on how the utility - one of the largest in Southeast Asia - is taking advantage of smart grid technology to stay agile and take advantage of markets for non-traditional utility services. Join in this Engerati webinar - in partnership with Asian Utility Week 2017 - to find out more.

Essential IoT readiness: Communications secrets from the AMI smart grid era

Recorded: 08 Jun 2017
Hear key lessons distilled from solutions like Vietnam’s first AMI implementation, British Gas’ deployment of over four million networked meters, and Malaysia’s ambitious program, to connect the enterprise across the entire multi-island nation on an advanced communications network.

Smart Meter Systems: Attack and Defense

Recorded: 17 May 2017
Practical guidance on defending smart meter systems, explained by a utility industry expert with real-world experience on the attacking side.

Value of submeters to energy efficiency services

Recorded: 21 Apr 2017
Internet of things and big data technologies are opening the door to optimising buildings’ performance in terms of energy efficiency, environmental certificates and asset management. And helping to turn the key are submeters.