Customer Engagement: Six million lessons learned by PG&E over its Smart deployment

  • What it takes to engage with 6 million individual customers about new ways to deliver their energy service.
  • Right and wrong ways to overhaul of the relationship of customer to their energy provider
  • Finding multiple avenues to reach customers
  • How to introduce the benefits / features of the smart grid
  • Demonstrated success stories of using the smart grid
  • How to let customers Opt Out if they just are not interested

Enexis system security implementation and G3-PLC pilot

  • Overview of the Enexis system security architecture of the smart meter system as a whole (IT, datacom and hardware)
  • First experience of piloting the new generation power line carrier G3-PLC
  • Building a G3-PLC communication system that is compliant to strict Dutch security guidelines

Interoperability: setting up ways to define and test interoperable PRIME smart meters

  • Advantages of interoperability, as defined in European Commission mandate 441
  • Interoperability – one single term, many different concepts: interoperability at system level or at meter level?
  • Interoperable solutions may have different performances. Why benchmarking is necessary