Internet of Things (IoT)

Itron’s acquisition of Silver Spring Networks should strengthen its position as a leading smart grid and smart city technology provider.

Clever stuff is being developed in the world of energy insights.

Wed 01 Nov 2017

As a distribution system operator, you need to extend the reach of smart grid into your networks to fulfil your Internet of Things strategy - from distribution automation to substation automation,

Fri 10 Nov 2017

Preliminary findings from the research in Stockholm Royal Seaport, but also the possible business models for pre- and retro-fit smart home solutions.

In this thought piece, CGI's Ana Domingues tells Engerati how energy technology partnerships can help utilities succeed.
The IEC has adopted ENTSO-E’s Common Grid Model Exchange Specification as an international specification for electricity data exchange.
Blockchain opens the way for a digital energy retailer to bring wholesale market benefits to residential consumers.
In a second guest article, Keith Brody, Head of Communications at DigitalRoute, shares the benefits of mastering data.
5G should enable the next wave of smart grid and energy efficiency along with other benefits within the energy sector.
A recent Ericsson smart meter deal highlights a trend to sharing communication networks to cut rollout costs.


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