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Reji Kumar Pillai and Hem Thukral, India Smart Grid Forum discuss how the smart grid will transform India's electricity network.
The growing presence of telcos in the electricity sector is explored by Paul Budde, MD, BuddeComm.
LoRa LPWANs have been deployed nationwide in The Netherlands and South Korea for the Internet of Things.
M2M communications provides visibility, a key characteristic guiding the strategic and operational plans of utilities and energy companies today
Low power wide area networks are one of the most far-reaching trends in M2M and IoT, writes Aapo Markannen.

When combining different meters in your network architecture, each group of devices needs its own management procedure.

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Alberto Sendin and Inigo Berganza consider the suitability of PLC for 'smartening' power infrastructure.

Competition across European retail energy markets is so intense that knowing your customers more intimately than your competitors can be advantageous. Today, utilities that use data analytics will

5G is expected to be focused primarily on enhancing the needs of businesses. But what could it mean for utilities?
AT&T is positioning to become a leader in the creation of smart cities in the US.


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