Pattern Recognition

Halifax Water serves nearly 350,000 people in central Nova Scotia, delivering clean water from nine water supply plants via 1,600 kilometers of pipeline.

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Case Study

Aperio System’s new security solution offers a unique approach to the cyber protection of power and other industrial control systems.

Electrical Utilities lose 85 Billion US$ per year worldwide with theft and meter tampering on electricity (water, gas) distribution.

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White Paper

SpaceTime liberates companies in asset-intensive industries from a fragmented view of the big picture, providing the context and clarity they need to make fast, confident decisions. Using spatial, temporal and nodal analysis, our IoT-ready real-time visual analytics applications illuminate the what, where, when, why and how of every asset and situation.

Michel van Zutphen, Vice President, CapGemini, The Netherlands
Jens Wegmann, Chief Corporate Development Officer, AGT International, Germany

SAS helps organizations anticipate business opportunities, empower action and drive impact. We do this through advanced analytics that turn data about customers, performance, financials and more into meaningful information. The result? Fact-based decisions for undeniable bottom line impact – this is how we transform the way our customers do business.

Kenneth Tonning, Senior Consultant, Vesttforsyning A/S, Denmark
Samuel T. Staehle, Sales Director Smart Grid Metering, GE Energy, Germany
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