Distributed Generation

Swedish utility is latest European power company to enter the UK’s deregulated consumer energy market.
To avoid market distortion, Ofgem has reduced payouts to small generators.
A German-Austrian group has announced the acquisition of the Garching an der Alz geothermal project in Bavaria, Germany.
Shell is deploying electric vehicle charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructures.
Daimler-Mercedes-Benz is growing its presence in the residential and commercial energy storage markets.
Distributed generation represents the greatest threat to utility revenues and hosting capacity, according to an Accenture report.
A report suggests reforms that will enable a level playing field for renewable power generators and reduce taxpayer costs.

The DNO-DSO journey part two – the future state of the industry

A trio of companies is trialling blockchain solutions to support the integration of renewable energies in Germany and the Netherlands.
Itron’s buyout of Comverge could bring a new level of utility demand response to the grid.


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