Driving Smart City and Smart Grid Interoperability with Open Data

Recorded: 25 Oct 2016
This webinar will look at the need for open data and platforms on the path to maximising the smart city and smart grid proposition. Who owns the data in the Smart City? Who can access data from the smart grid and smart city? Who can use the data and can it be used across streams?

Unlocking the Smart City with Integrated and Smart Infrastructure

Recorded: 19 Oct 2016
This webinar explores the need for ‘integrated network architecture’ and ‘systems thinking’ in order to unlock the true potential of Smart(er) Cities. How canactors collaborate to drive value from their assets? Can the smart grid be the anchor of the smart city? Can we push the boundaries beyond Smart Lighting?

10 tenets of a smart city

Mon 20 Jun 2016
10 tenets enable tomorrow’s thriving cities, writes Russ Vanos, VP of sales and marketing for global software, services and smart cities, Itron.