Zero CO2 emission within the next 10 years – SEDIF, Paris

  • Delegation contract, monitored by Performance Indicators (PI), in terms of reduction of energy consumption (-6% of electric energy consumption achieved in 2020 for a constant volume)
  • Substitution of current energy sources by renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction of 33% in 2020
  • Implementation of compensation projects, such as reforestation

The HAMBURG WATER Cycle in the settlement Jenfelder Au - challenges of a sustainable sanitation project on a district-scale

  • The HAMBURG WATER Cycle (HWC) concept: Integration of decentralized wastewater management based on source control with energy generation for a district
  • Case study: The first district-scale realization of the HWC in Jenfelder Au, Hamburg and it’s technical, legal and organizational challenges
  • Construction of a blackwater vacuum network and use of water-saving vacuum toilets

Integrating water efficiency into energy programmes – a case study from policy to implementation

  • Challenges of influencing policy and programmes to integrate water and energy efficiency in the United Kingdom (retrofit and behavior change programmes, building regulations, policy and strategy)
  • Results of cost benefit modelling and pilot studies with social housing and a targeted community
  • Future options and implications for both the UK and internationally