Setting up a Bank for energy trading? - how to restructure your business and minimize the pain

  • Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM)
  • REMIT – Market manipulation and insider trading
  • EMIR – Clearing and risk mitigation
  • REMIT and EMIR – Data reporting
  • Setting up a bank for energy trading – MiFID licence

Implementation of future Financial Regulation in the commodity sector - A perspective from a financial regulator

  • Background stocktake of application of financial services regulation to commodities market
  • Considering the full range of recent and proposed regulatory changes
  • Focus on MiFID

ACER's point of view

2nd edition of ACER Guidance on the application of REMIT and ACER Recommendations to the Commission on the records of wholesale energy market transactions – Key issues

  • 2nd edition of ACER Guidance on the application of REMIT
  • ACER Recommendations on the Records of Transactions
  • The way ahead

The practical impact of the new Market Integrity and Transparency Regulations (REMIT and MAR) on the energy trading business

  • The regulatory case of Remit: what shall be achieved?
  • Compliance with Remit from a practitioners view: guidelines, information control and reporting channels
  • How to deal with regulatory uncertainty: treatment of neighbouring commodities and markets
  • One year of Remit, what have been the practical results?